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Scroll down to see photos and videos of a selection of my fun and functional stringed musical instruments built largely from salvaged and recycled lumber, construction debris, found and repurposed objects, stock hardware, and other unorthodox materials. All necks and tops are made and shaped by hand. Many of the instruments have been featured in exhibits of green-themed art and craft. Some are in private collections, and commissions of custom instruments are welcomed. But in general, I build them just for fun.

As a carpenter and construction worker I see lots of useful and beautiful materials go into dumpsters every day. I salvage antique wood from demolition, newer "waste" wood such as tropical hardwood flooring cut-offs and rejects, as well as electrical wire, stove knobs, hinges, and other interesting bits and pieces. When combined with other repurposed materials, Mardi Gras beads, and glitter paint a unique instrument is born.

Historically, folk music was made on folk instruments--instruments made by hand by the player or someone the player probably knew. Factory-made instruments did not exist until recently. One of my goals is to explore and identify simple methods of construction that might enable anyone with basic skills and tools to successfully build an inexpensive, good sounding instrument."

JUST POSTED: Alexa Richardson plays the new cello called Femme Fatale HERE.

RECENTLY POSTED: Phenomenal guitarist Greg Barber playing two of Lee's guitars HERE on Youtube


May 2013 at The Filling Station Cafe and Gallery in Sparks Maryland.

April 2011 at Noon Whistle Pottery in Stanardsville, Virginia.

Other News: "Silver Girl" upright electric bass recently received an "Honorable Mention" (ie. shared 2nd place) in Cigar Box Nation's MacGyver 100% Recycled Guitar Building Contest.

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